95275 Pops Reset Button and Blows circuit breaker

by Carmen
(Western PA)

Harbor Freight / Central Pneumatic pancake compressor model # 95275 pops reset and simultaneously trips circuit breaker the instant you press the ON button.

Took cover off and wires do not appear to be shorted any where and the compressor spins freely.

There is no air in the tank and the drain valve is open.

I am not using an extension cord and the unit is plugged into a 20amp outlet that comes directly off of my main service panel.

This is a pretty small unit and I looked for anything that looked like it might be a start capacitor, but no luck.

Any suggestions are much appreciated.

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Jul 11, 2017
95275 Pops reset and breaker
by: Doug in s.d.ca.

Ugh - It's out of warranty, I suppose? And worked at some point?

A motor that small probably is an ac/dc brush motor, although I can't tell from the diagram or parts list. Try disconnecting one side and then the other as close as you can to the motor.

If you can turn it "on" both ways, then it's internal to the motor. Look for brushes - if there's stray metal in there, that may be causing it.

Let us know what you find, please.

Good luck.

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