94667 replacement parts if needed

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Recommendations for 94667 replacement parts if you need some.

by Justin davis

I have the same compressor i picked up for 45 bucks the other day and it needs a new top end (after i cracked the head and cylinder and bent the reed valve plate).

I did some research on it and came across 2 compressors with the same pump on them.

First that has the same pump is the Campbell Hausfeld HL4000 and secondly is the Central Pneumatic 69667.

I figured this would be good information for those who need parts. Also they come from the same mfg since the 94667 21 gal is discontinued.

Central Pneumatic 94667 air compressor
Central Pneumatic 94667 air compressor


Thanks for the tip
by: Bill

Thanks for the tip about parts for the 94667, Justin.

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