94667 compressor will not compress

by Dave Willard
(forest lake mn )

My 94667 compressor will not build any air pressure.

I did find the limit switch had popped out, reset that, now the electric motor/fan will turn, but NOT the compressor side.

Is there some sort of breakaway coupler in the comp?

Or could it be stuck from?? Worked fine until today. Could it be because of the COLD weather up here in mn? Thanks for your help Dave.

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Feb 28, 2015
94667 compressor won't build pressure
by: Bill

Hi Dave...

When you say the limit switch popped out, that would be the thermal overload on the motor? That indicates the motor was / is overheating.

Resetting it allows power to flow to the motor circuit and get the motor running. Yet the motor has a shaft, and that's connected to the crank of the pump, and if that shaft has become disconnected then yes, the motor will run, but the pump won't. You need to pull the cover off and see what's what with the motor to pump connection.

No breakaway coupler that I know of, at least none that are supposed to release.

If the pump was frozen solid and you started the compressor, it is possible that the motor to pump connection broke when the motor was trying to start a frozen pump. By the same token, that would certainly have overloaded and heated the motor to the point where the thermal cut out opened.

Take the cover off the pump and motor and see what's what. Let us know.


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