919.178530 gas powered compressor wont build very much pressure

by Roger Lassiter
(Trenton Tx.)

I bought a 919-178530 and decided to take it on as a project and get it back in service.

For those who dont know It was listed as a 5 hp on a 20 gallon tank, with a check valve in the tank.

For me, It started out as a 2 hp briggs and the original 5 hp pump and the original check valve in place.

My engine runs fine as long as I release all the air pressure.

As soon as I close the main valve and fill the tank, it will build a little pressure then the engine slows and dies.

Do you think the engine hp is to small for the pump?

I replaced the check valve with no help. The pump sucks in alot of air.

I just ordered a 1 hp pump off of ebay. I really want a small gas set up with a larger tank anyway.

I am stumped and cannot figure out on my own which to buy to controll the compressor. Is it a continuos run unloader situation or is it a piloted discharge valve situation? Or would either one work in my situation?

Any help would be most appreciated. My name isRoger; near Dallas

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Nov 26, 2013
by: Doug in s.d.ca

Kinda reading between the lines here...

Are you saying you did not have an engine pully to begin with, or you bought something smaller?

I agree the engine die is something to look at;
20 PSI seems low for what I understand to be the current configuration. I'd think maybe 50-70 was OK for the engine, if that was when it died.

So, you've checked the motor for filter(s), spark plug, good gas? Is it a two cycle?

Got a tach?

Nov 26, 2013
wont build very much pressure
by: Roger near Dallas

I took some pictures and not sure how to get them on here. Should I start another post to enter the pics? Roger
Yes, Roger, that's the only way to get pics into the system. Start a new thread, and summarize what's in this one if you would, and then upload your photos there, up to four.


Nov 26, 2013
wont build much pressure
by: Roger

Thanks you for commenting! My compressor does not have a valve to controll the engine idle yet. The engine throttle is manual cable right now. The pulley size is 3 inch, I just bought it and it is the flat style. I wish that it was a v belt. I was thinking that I needed to solve the engine dies between 10 anbd 20 psi at full throttle before figuring out which valve will work the best. Thanks Roger

Nov 25, 2013
gas compressor
by: Doug in s.d.ca

My first question is, does the engine idle, and run full speed when it's supposed to be actually compressing?

If so, then I'd be inclined to look for a different pully(s) to match the load to the engine; using a smaller compressor will also do that, but you need to watch the max RPM of the compressor, too.

A picture or three might help, as we don't what else may have been done to the thing besides the engine swap.

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Compressor fan keeps breaking?

by bill rhodes
(dickson city penns. usa)

ive replaced the fan twice on my craftsmen 33 gallon air comperessor twice why does the fan keep blowing apart?
Bill, how old a Craftsman compressor, and what model number?

It could be a cheap fan.

It could be how much the compressor is being used, and the environment in which you are using it.

If the environment is benign, then welcome to the world of cheap, poor quality, compressor components made in China.

Add a comment with more details so others can benefit from your problem, if you would.



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