919.167312 Breaker Blows

by Rex Gray
(Yorktown, VA)

Plate showing Craftsman model

Plate showing Craftsman model

Plate showing Craftsman model
Craftsman compressor with cover off

I have a Craftsman 30 gal compressor, model 919.167312 - which I've had for several years, and had good service - until recently.

Usually the breaker would trip after it had been running for some time,after getting up to 70-80 lbs under no load (It leaks air, probably around hose connections, so after no use for a week, the air is pretty much all gone).

Recently, the breaker trips after just a few minutes, not even getting to 20 lbs.

Noticed a really strange smell - not like electrical, burning, etc - just a pungent odor. may not be related but...I pulled the cover off, as well as the back cover of the motor (see pics).

Did not see anything unusual (corrosion, bearing/brush dust, etc).

Have not replaced anything yet (check valves, etc) - just in case it might be the motor going. If it is the motor, any obvious symptoms to check (short of taking it somewhere to check).


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Oct 15, 2018
919.167312 Breaker Blows
by: Pete

Had the same thing happen to my compressor, the same model as yours 2004 30 gal. The problem is that the capacitors have short out and are burning the rear of the motor. Depending on the amount of destruction, you can replace the capacitors to fix the problem.

My motor was destroyed so I am selling all the parts other than the motor, the rest is in excellent shape.

If you need parts contact me at peterjo@netzero.net

Oct 19, 2016
919.167312 Breaker Blows
by: Doug in s.d.ca

It's not easy on this one - I was thinking this has a belt, but not so. My bad.

So, close is just leave the drain open so next to no pressure builds, and see if it trips that way.

Can you lay your hands on an AC ammeter? If so, measure the current both "no load" (drain open) and normal, with the drain closed.

Oct 18, 2016
Follow-on Question
by: Anonymous


How do I separate the pump from the motor so I can try running the motor without the load?

Oct 14, 2016
919.167312 Breaker Blows
by: Doug in s.d.ca

You're talking about the circuit breaker for the outlet? Maybe it's getting weak from repeated overloads.

Aside from that, I'd try separating the pump assembly, and see how the motor runs no-load.

If the motor is OK, then look at the piston - I suspect it may be shot, you can get a replacement kit for ~$60.

Good luck.

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