919.167310 tank replacement?

by Tom
(Rochester, MN)

Sears Model 919.167310 tank replacement?

The sears tank part number Z-D23364 is obsolete and i can't find any alternatives. This was a extremely low use unit that has a pin hole leak in the tank. Any ideas.
Tom, you will just have to be a bit creative in installing your motor and pump on another tank.

I believe yours is the wheeled version of compressor? Search the Sears or Craftsman current wheeled models of the same size. I would suspect that the tank on those will be similar to your present tank, and as they are new models, perhaps you can get a replacement tank for them?

As long as the air from the pump can get into the tank, even if you have to extend or bend the line, it will work. Ditto the discharge line.

Though some folks might, I would not try to weld the pin hole. I suspect it is a symptom of a wider tank wall failure due to internal rusting, and I would not trust a repaired tank, it were me.



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