919.167241 compressor only compresses up to 60 pounds

by Jeremy stacey
(Minnesota, greenwald,united states)

my compressor only compresses up to about 60 pounds and then it doesn't go much further than that maybe 65 the model # 919.167241

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Oct 26, 2014
piston seal
by: Anonymous

Your piston seal is most likely worn out. You need to take the top off the cylinder and remove the top part of the piston and the seal. Check the walls of the cylinder for scoring as when the seal goes it can gouge it and you will still loose compression with a new seal. The seals are not expensive at all and a new kit with a cylinder, seal and rubber gaskets is around $35 on Ebay. The parts are the same as for DeBliss or Porter Cable etc. and all are pretty much interchangeable. Just be sure the diameter of the cylinder is correct because they come in different sizes.

Oct 14, 2014
Craftsman won't go past 60 PSI
by: Bill

Jeremy, please see the page under troubleshooting about why air compressors run and don't build pressure.

I suspect a valve or piston seal, but cannot be sure as I don't have it in front of me and you didn't upload any photos.

Take the shroud off the pump, take a photo of each side of the pump and upload them to a new thread.

If I could find images of your air compressor on line I know more, but cannot find any.


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