919.165612 won't build pressure past 30psi after extensive repairs

by Adam
(Hillsboro Ohio )

I have a craftsman 60 gallon 2 stage oil less air compressor. Model number 919.165612.

It's been acting up. Been taking hours to build pressure up to 90-110 psi.

Today I received the piston rebuild kits k-0648 and k-0650 compression ring rebuild kits. After installing the compressor will only refill to 32psi.

When I shut it off it will hold the 32psi without leaking or dropping any pressure.

When running no air blows out the intake, only sucks in.

When running, you can feel the air coming out of the pressure side. All of the valve reeds appeared to be in good shape. It is ran directly to the circuit breaker. What else can I try? Thanks. Adam. Roughly 12 years old.

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May 27, 2016
It has to be...
by: Bill

If the compressor runs, the motor does not overheat, there are not mechanical issues with the pump, the gauges are working, and you can easily stop the air at the outlet of the pump, and the compressor still cannot build pressure past the 22 PSI or 32 PSI level, then it pretty much has to be a problem with the pump.

If the intake is pulling in strongly when the compressor is running, then that narrows it down to the high pressure valve, a pump gasket or the cylinder seal.

Further to that, here is a quotation from "http://www.searspartsdirect.com/partsdirect/part-model/Craftsman-Parts/All-Products-Parts/Repair-Maintenance/Questions-Answers/I-have-an-air-compressor-model-919165612/Model-919165612/0247/0703000/146906?modelNumber=919165612" which may help:

"Jimmy K, August 05, 2009

your air compressor probably has something broken inside the cylinder. disconnect the power to the air compressor and remove the plastic cover around the motor and compressor.

before you take the compressor apart, listen and feel for air leaks. check to see if air is coming back out of the intake filter. if air is coming back out of the intake filter, something is wrong inside the cylinder.

you can see a parts diagram at [www.searspartsdirect.com]. the parts diagram will help you locate the parts that build air pressure. these are the parts you need to inspect.

turn the motor shaft by hand and be sure the piston goes up and down.

if the piston is ok remove the 4 screws holding the head on top of the cylinder. remove the head.

directly under the head is the pressure plate. the pressure plate has reeds on it that direct the air into the discharge line and keep the air from going back through the intake side of the compressor. check the reeds for warping or breaking. if the reeds are damaged, you must replace the pressure plate. make note of how the pressure plate sets and the o-rings that seal around it.

remove the pressure plate and inspect the plastic sleeve inside the cylinder. look for scratches or cuts in the sleeve. make note of the piston and the rubber o-ring around it. if the o-ring is worn or broken the air goes back through the intake filter and no pressure is built. if you have to replace the o-ring, replace the piston and sleeve also.

to replace the o-ring and sleeve, you have to remove the nut that holds the piston to the motor shaft. when you replace the nut you must torque it to 85-90 foot pounds. torque the head bolts to 7-10 foot pounds. "

May 27, 2016
Same problem
by: Anonymous

I too have the same compressor. I changed same parts, K-0648 and K-0650. Heads seemed fine. Will not pump up past 22 psi. I can take line off going into check valve on tank and will get pressure out of line, however if I put my finger on line it will not put out enough pressure to push past my finger. Only gasket I saw was changed. No leaks around heads when running. At a loss.

May 21, 2016
by: Bill

If the one you replaced is the one inside the pump, then that's the one to which I refer.

Are you certain that it's installed correctly, no crimps or bulges?

Also, confirm that though the compressor still runs on, the pressure stays at 32 PSI, and goes no higher. Maybe double check that it's not just the gauge saying 32 PSI while in fact the tank pressure is higher.

However, if it never reaches cut out pressure, then you've clearly got a compressor issue.

Does the compressor overheat and shut down while running at the 32 PSI tank pressure level?

Have you pulled and checked the tank check valve to be sure the valve is working properly?

May 19, 2016
by: Adam

Could you possibly point out which gasket you might be thinking? Thanks.

May 19, 2016
by: Anonymous

The valves looked good. Also the kit came with a gasket for the high pressure side which I installed but the low pressure intake side didn't have a gasket just o rings and didn't look to have a gasket other than those.

May 19, 2016
919.165612 get past 30psi
by: Bill

If the valves are good, and assuming the compressor keeps running when it gets to the 32 PSI, ergo, it isn't building pressure but still running, then I would surmise you've got a pump gasket letting go at that pressure.

Did you replace the gasket when you had the pump apart?

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