919.16533 counter weights out of time

by Scott Stella
(Price Utah USA)

Craftsman  model 919.16533

Craftsman model 919.16533

Craftsman  model 919.16533
Craftsman  model 919.16533
Craftsman  model 919.16533

Greetings, somehow I allowed the what I believe to be similar to a taper lock where the bearing/counter weight shaft connects to the motor drive shaft to change positions.

My Craftsman model 919.16533 V twin two cylinder compressor keeps breaking piston connecting rods.

It broke only one first, but this time it broke both of them.

The counter balance weight on the motor side of this unit appears to have the ability to be positioned to correct an imbalance. The motor side weight is not in line with the flat on the shaft.

The outside nut end counter weight is not adjustable and it lines up with the weight exactly opposite of the flat on the shaft.

When weights and bearings are installed on the shaft the inside and the outside weights are off with each other by half an inch or so.

I did not see the way they were from the factory, and I suspect that the taper lock adjustable weight had slipped some causing the first broken connecting rod to break.

I know when I replaced the last connecting rod the taper lock connected shaft and motor side weight were loose. I tightened the fine thread shaft nut to about 130 foot pounds, a guess because I have no V twin torque specs.

Currently the 919.16533 is disassembled down to the shaft connecting taper lock and I have not been able to loosen what I assume is a taper lock type connection.

Any help on freeing the two shafts and properly alignment of the counter weights to reduce vibration so my piston shafts quit breaking would be greatly appreciated

Scott Stella

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Nov 08, 2018
919.16533 or 919.165330 ?
by: Doug in s.d.ca.

If the latter, have you a source for the rods?

Tried a bearing puller?

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