919.165230 sometimes sparks and pops breaker

by Shawn
(Dayton oh)

919165230. So compressor will run for 10 to 30 sec. Then trip 20a dedicated circuit. 10 feet from panel.

It sometimes who throw sparks.

I can't get the pump beaker away from motor casing so I can't see if it has brushes.

Also I checked both caps and replaced start cap. Run cap was we'll within range.

Took thermal switch out to inspect.

Here is my first question. How do u trouble shoot thermal switch. (Hot water?).

Also was looking at the centrifugal switch. How does that work on this model and how do u test it?

And third. The wires that come out the back are o,bl,and br. Go to thermal sw. One blk alone. One thicker blk I assume from plug in wire(lead I guessing)and two red wires together. Other lead.)?

Is there a way to test windings off these wires.?

Otherwise I'm plum out of direction to go with for figuring out the trip fuse issue. Thx for ur time fellas!!

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Feb 24, 2016
motor brushes
by: Doug in s.d.ca

I'm saying a motor without brushes is uncommon. It's not impossible, just very unlikely on a compressor motor of any decent size.

Feb 24, 2016
Sparks and trips
by: Shawn

Hey Doug thx for info. So are you saying this motor def has brushes?

Feb 21, 2016
by: Doug in s.d.ca

Can you tell where the sparks come from? It could be from elsewhere, but the brushes are most common.

If there's no obvious major problem with the thermal switch, most people check by simply bypassing it. You need to keep an eye on it if you try that.

You asked about the centrifugal switch. They usually open just after the motor starts, and disconnects the start cap so only the run cap is left "connected" to the motor. If this is failing, it might explain your problem. Look for free movement and pitted or burned contacts.

There may be a way to check the windings, but you'd best take it to a motor shop with the proper equipment to check them.

Good luck.

Oh, by the way, I saw reports of bypassing the pressure switch "fixing" this, but the switch was not the problem - so you might check that all your insulation is intact.

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