919.152811 builds to 60 lbs and stops

by Charles D

919152811 builds to 60 lbs and stops will turn back on again when the pressure drops

I have looked through the trouble shooting guide and the owners manual. I can not seem to find how to adjust the Cut On and Cut off for this Craftsman 919152811 air compressor. The manual claims the Cut on is 100 psi and the cut off 125. Hopefully you will have some insight

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Sep 28, 2014
Thank you for your timely response
by: Charles D

It has always done it and it was bought used. He had replaced the original pressure switch with a newer one. I found the tamper proof torx bit adjustment screw on the new pressure switch. Following the instructions from the trouble shooting guide I adjusted the switch to the factory settings of Cut in 100 and cut off 125 psi. It is working great now and I am glad to have the extra psi to use for media blasting. Thank you for your help and your timely response.

Charles D.

Sep 28, 2014
Craftsman 919.152811 builds to 60 lbs and stops
by: Bill

You say you want to adjust cut in and cut out, but you don't say if this symptom, the compressor shutting off at 60 PSI is a new issue, Charles.

I suspect it's new, unless you've acquired the compressor used, and maybe it's never made the normal cut in and cut out settings?

Regardless, typically this scenario suggests that the pressure switch itself has failed, assuming that the compressor isn't going off on thermal cut out.

If you have a multimeter, let the compressor run up to cut out, and then check the motor side of the terminals inside the pressure switch, with due regard to the fact that the wire terminals are live.

If power is off on the motor side, then the pressure switch has turned off at the 60 PSI, and that means the switch itself is the problem.

If you still have power on the motor side of the pressure switch and the compressor has stopped, then you have a different compressor problem entirely.

Please add a comment here with details.


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