80 gal Gilbarco won't keep up

by Darin Bailey

Have a old 8gallon compressor....never stops working builds 150psi.

But cant keep up at all, been doing the same thing since i got it but maybe you can give me an idea?

Dont see any leaks ..every thing looks ok .. yet I cant run anything long?

Doesn't use oil...i bleed it every evening ...im @ a loss.

I use it in my garage one hose ...i should be able to paint a car with it but can hardly pump a tire before having to wait for it to build again?

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Oct 03, 2018
....never stops working builds 150psi.
by: Doug in s.d.ca.

Do you mean it gets to 150 and never goes higher while still running, or that 150 is cut-off and it either stops the motor or unloads the pump?

Oct 02, 2018
80 gal Gilbarco
by: Bill

Well Darin, sure sounds like a problem... yet a couple of things first. Yours is a Gilbarco compressor, right, since that's the forum you posted in? What model?

An 80 gallon tank is big, but that has nothing really to do with the compressor's ability to pump air. It's the pump size and motor HP and condition of both that helps determine how much air the compressor will generate. You don't tell us what that info is, so we have no idea how fast the compressor should pump air.

A big tank does take a long time to fill. When the compressor is running, how long does it take to fill to 150 PSI from whatever the cut in pressure is?

You say that you have 150 PSI in the tank, you fill one tire, and the pressure in the tank drops down to cut in? Really? How big a tire, and what's the cut in pressure please?

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