7060 HFV Kobalt compressor line gets super hot.

by W.C. Lewis
(Gridley, California USA)

"Copper line from compressor to check valve gets super hot."

I have a Model 7060 HFV Kobalt compressor. It has been a good compressor as I use it in my hobby of restoration. I have no complaints about the compressor other than the check valve gets so hot it has melted the little plastic line going to the unloader valve.

I understand compressed air gets hot. Will it hurt my compressor if I make a copper line to replace the plastic line?

It seems I'm the only one having this problem as i can't find any thing about this problem on any web site I go to. I'm sure you realize going to Lowe's is a waste of time. thanks for your help.

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Aug 02, 2018
7060 HFV Kobalt compressor hot line
by: Bill

If this is a relatively new condition, it would suggest that either the compressor is taking a much longer time to get up to cut out, you are using more air than ever, your compressor use is exceeding the duty cycle, you've got a motor issue, you've got a pump valve issues etc. etc.

In other words W.C. it could be many things.

Kobalt uses a plastic line because a) it's cheap, b) it's a non-pressure application I would expect.

Nope, it won't hurt to change the line from plastic to copper at all, though that will not resolve the underlying cause.

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