6mm pu hose exploded sil air compressor

by David
(Brugge, Belgium)

a have a sil air compressor for use with airbrush.

the 6mm polyurethane hose from condor mdr2 unloader valve and a input on the non return check valve has exploded, there is a little hole in it. :-(
I cutted the hose and retried but it's the same!!
it happen every time when i'm using air for airbrushing (1,5 bar) and
when the compressor loading (both at the same time)just before he reached is 8 bar to turn off, it explode.
If i don't use the airbrush, then it works fine and the hose not explode.
I think if my working pressure is more than 2 bar , also nothing happen.
Can you help me please.
regards David
David, it were me, I would never use a polyurethane or polethylened tube as an unloader line.

Often their proximity to hot air compressor components degrade their ability to withstand pressurization and depressurization, and they develop pin holes, or worse, a bubble and then they let go.

If this were my air compressor I would take the hose with me to the plumbing store and get a length of copper tube to use in its place.

Ensure that you know what fittings the tube goes into on both ends so you can get an adapter fitting if needed.

If the PU is going into an instant type fitting on the pressure switch, it is quite possible that it will seal around the copper as well. Trial will tell you if that is true or not.


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