6820k17 rol-air compressor pops breaker

by Ray
(Washington ST)

Bill I have a rol-air, model number 6820k17 air compressor that I am having trouble with.

It starts and runs good until it gets to about 102 lbs pressure then it kicks the house circuit breaker.

I have searched and searched the forums but cant find an answer.

I have already disassembled the head and checked the reeds and cleaned everything up there. removed and cleaned the check valve. disassembled,inspected and cleaned the pilot valve. cleaned the air lines from the check valve to the switch and pilot valve.

what am I missing? could the pilot valve be bad?

previous owner said the switch was new.

The compressor never unloads or discharges air it just runs then blows the breaker. thanks for any help in advance Ray

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May 19, 2015
Rolair compressor breaker
by: Bill

If the tank pressure never gets to the cut out setting of the pressure switch, then the air compressor will not typically unload.

Your Rolair symptoms suggest to me that increasing load from the tank back pressure is likely the cause of the compressor popping breakers, or it's a pressure switch failure.

Since the switch is new, then I would guess that either your run capacitor is weakened or failing, or that you have a motor electrical short of some kind.

Check all electrical connections, see the page on this site about how to test your capacitors, and if they prove good, then time to get your compressor motor checked would be my guess.


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