67696 had loud pop

by John Lopoo
(Baton Rouge, La)

Harbor Freight model 67696 was working normally when there was a loud pop.

The compressor continued to run but pressure did not increase.

I took cover off and saw that the input tube broke at the head. I Replaced the input tube but now will not build up pressure beyond 50 lbs.

Could check valve at tank be the problem?

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Dec 06, 2017
check building problems
by: Tool zone

Hi Guys

Just some of my experiences and I hope it will help someone ,
When you have a problems that cause the compressor not to fill right up( Thanks for your comment, though it seems to be about a different compressor or problem than the original post. Please start a new post in the forum about why air compressors run and don't build pressure - and we will approve it there. Thanks. - Moderator )

Oct 17, 2016
67696 and pressure
by: Bill

An earlier comment includes the following:

"Found the real problem - Broken discharge pipe
by: Hilary
I got to tear down the unit, and found that the aluminum output tube had fractured most of the way through, at the compression fitting coming out of the 90 degree fitting. It is listed as key no 145 code 9414882 in the Central Pneumatic parts list. I will get it fixed at NAPA by saving the compression collars by cutting a slot in the pipe inside it, and then reuse a bend in the middle to connect to the head again. Then buy whatever they have including a section to absorb the vibration, between the 2 aluminum pipe ends."

So, you are not alone with your broken compressor pipe.

As to why it will not build pressure now, I suspect that is is the pump itself, maybe a valve or gasket failing inside the head.

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