67501 will not start?

by mitch
(Long Island)

Central Pneumatic air compressor 67501 (Photo: www.harborfreight.com)

Central Pneumatic air compressor 67501 (Photo: www.harborfreight.com)

I have a new CP67501 which ran fine out of the box. After a few minutes the pump will not start, only the cooling fan runs. Oil is at correct level. Out of Warranty - over 90 days. What can be the problem, please help.

Mitch, as far as I know about this model, the fan is attached to the motor shaft. The motor shaft is also attached to the drive mechanism for the pump.

It seems to me then that if your compressor fan is running, then the motor is running. If the motor is running the pump should be pumping.

If the compressor pump isn't, it is possible that the motor shaft has uncoupled from the pump. Can you check that and let us know what you found as a comment here?



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Apr 04, 2017
67501 will not start
by: Rodney

In response to Mitch's problem, I had the same condition with a compressor I picked up from CL not running. The cooling fan would run but the pump would not. I drained the oil and removed the crankcase cover. There is an allen bolt that attaches the crankshaft to the main shaft and this bolt was loose. I tightened the bolt as much as I could but the proximity to the piston rod makes this difficult. I used a 6mm allen socket on a 3/8" drive ratchet and am satisfied that I tightened it enough. The bolt is REVERSE THREADED. I refilled the crankcase with oil and fired it up, runs like a champ.

Jun 22, 2016
Same problem
by: Anonymous

I have had the same problem only at 95 psi- would hold pressure and continue to run.
I put air tool oil in the spray nozzle.
took off Filter and cap.
Sprayed tool oil into the air intake mechinisms.

Ran Compressor while doing this- for curiosity.
Pressure built up to shut off compressor
It seems to fix the problem for now

Oct 29, 2012
fan only
by: mitch

Thanks Bill, but I checked the motor and fan, both are reciprocating; problem is that compressor pump does not engage. So it appeared that only the fan is running. How do I check if the shaft to the pump is engaged?
No other way than to remove the shroud, dive into the innards where the shaft enters the bottom of the pump. The should be some sort of coupling there, and likely they are secured with a set screw or two, and it's them that I think may be your compressor problem.


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