67501 - starts but won't run

67501 air compressor (Photo:www.harborfreight.com)

67501 air compressor (Photo:www.harborfreight.com)

central pneumatic model 67501 . i just put a new capacitor on it . it did not help . first it run for appox 10 seconds then quit . tried the reset button immediately it seemed as if there was no resistance it did nothing . waited ten minutes pushed reset button again it clicked and the compressor run for appox 10 more seconds . no extension cord . this is the exact same problem i had before i changed the capacitor .

Mike, did you test to see if the cap was failing before you change it out?

If the reset button doesn't seem to connect, it could be that the motor temp is still too high for it to "catch".

From the sounds of it, and assuming the new cap is working, you motor may be just too tired.


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Jun 26, 2012
same problem fixed.
by: Anonymous

hey guys i had the same problem with my air compressor.67501 i took the reset switch off of it and just connected the two wires.it runs better than ever now.

May 22, 2012
Starts but won't run?
by: Buster

You may also check the unloader valve to see if it is unloading the compressor when it stops. Does it do the same thing with an empty tank? Listen to see if it is getting to full speed, maybe the compressor is loading up the motor preventing it from getting to full speed, check the oil, roll by hand, is anything binding?
Just a thought, may not be the motor.


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