#650202RB won't automatically start after pressure drops

by Raymond
(Harlingen TX)

My compressor will run but after it shuts off it will not automatically start, I have to reset it every single time. Once it shuts off it will not start, I have to wait five minutes before it starts and I have to do it manually. I have replaced the pressure switch and it still does the same thing.. Model #WL650202RB 3.8@ 90psi. 125 psi max, 20 gallon 1.7 RHP

Raymond, next time you turn on your air compressor and it starts, please monitor the unloader valve to be sure that it works when the compressor reaches cut out pressure and stops.

If you are not sure what that is, please see the Unloader Valve page on this site for details.

Please add a comment here indicating if the unloader works or doesn't.



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