61489 Central Pneumatic Compressor Won't Run!

by Michael Stewart
(Crane Creek, MS USA)

29 Gal. 2 HP (61489) Central Pneumatic Compressor Won't Run!

Bought our Dad a new compressor (61489), got it in the shop and it wouldn't run.

The motor would barely turn the belt at all.

Took the belt cage apart and took the belt off.

Turned it back on and the motor ran real smooth and fast. Put the belt back on and would hardly turn at all.

I could spin the compressor pulley by hand and it didn't feel like it was in a bind.
Took it back to HF for another one.
Got the second one back in the shop and the exact same thing happens.

Getting really flustered over this since I'm the one that suggested this compressor because I bought mine (same model) to build our new house with and it has never given me a minutes problem.
One thing I wonder about is, could it be possible for the factory to have swapped the Start and Run capacitors to opposite of where the belong?

With both compressors, when they try to come on, the lights in the shop actually get brighter.. very weird.
Help Please?

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Jan 20, 2017
Compressor Won't Run
by: Doug in s.d.ca

That is weird.

The capacitors being backward is a possibility, but unlikely given they are mounted on the motor.

Two things:
One, did you try it on a different circuit? Or at your house? Maybe try your (working one) at Dad's to make sure the power is up to the task?

Two, especially if yours works at his house, is the motor possibly wired for 220?

Further, you mention the lights get brighter - What kind of lights are they - incandescent, fluorescent, or LED?

Please keep us posted on what you find.

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