6060V 6Hp compressor won't start

by Harrison Wells
(Doniphan, Mo 63935)

Our puma compressor won't start.

If we unhook the belt from the motor, then the motor runs fine.

I did replace both the capacitors(start & run) as we had no way to check them out.

The compressor seems to turn free and is full of oil and has clean filters.

When we tighten the belt and turn it on it tries to run very slowly a few revolutions then the motor gets hot and the motor breaker flips it off.

I have heard of a problem with an (unloader) valve but don't know where it is located or what replacement to order for this model.

When we "google" this model we get a listing but when we click on one there is no info on this model.

We are way out in the country with no services available.

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Oct 10, 2015
Puma 6060v repaired
by: Harriso Wells

Turns out the problem was that the "reeds" under the compressor heads were a little dirty a bit oily. one head was dirtier than the other but we are talking very little at all just enough to mae the reeds stick. I just took off the heads one at a time and wiped the reeds and the heads with some WD40 with a cloth rag. After cleaning and replacing the head I tried it out and the compressor took off like new. I went ahead and drained thee tank and cleaned the other. It wasn't bad looking either but I was on a roll.

reassembled and the compressor is now running like a new one.

Not sure how these reeds got oily or dirty. The compressor is housed in a clean shop with new air filters that look good. It was very low on oil and I changed it. The oil was below the sight glass but just barely. Doubt it had ever been changed (bought in 1998)

Oct 09, 2015
won't start
by: Doug in s.d.ca

Looks like this may be a custom thing for HD.

"puma 6060v homedepot" will get you their page, with links on the right for manuals and such.

Check the power and such first as Bill said, then if OK -
If there are two caps, and one is a run cap, look in the motor back end for the centrifugal switch.

It should open almost immediately after power is applied. If it doesn't, there's your problem.

Good luck.

Oct 09, 2015
Puma will not start
by: Bill

A new issue, or a compressor you've just installed and after installation, it won't run?

Do check the unloader valve. See information here: https://www.about-air-compressors.com/has-unloader-valve-issues.html

That it will not run with the belt on suggests a power problem. The motor starts and runs with no load, but add a load and it won't go.

The load may be the unloader.

There may be an issue with power supply from the panel, if anything there has changed.

If you are certain that the capacitors are fine - and you can see how to check them on the page on this site - and the power supply is good, then it's pretty much got to be a motor issue.

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