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Terry Mooneyham, May 2019 – 60 Gallon Husky burning up switch contacts:  Hello bought a used 60 gallon husky compressor it was wired with a dryer plug when it was bought. Had electrician install a dryer outlet in my garage.
Compressor builds pressure and works fine but I keep burning up pressure switches on the 3rd in 1 year. Why is (it) burning up the contacts on pressure switches,  could it be the dryer plug?
New Husky C602H air compressor
New Husky C602H air compressor – has a 60 gallon tank
Doug in s.d.ca
Probably not the plug, but (that’s) remotely possible.
More likely it has the wrong pressure switch or it’s a bad design that needs a magnetic starter.

If you have a model number for your machine, we can look (further) into it.

If you don’t have the model, then specs off the motor and pressure switch should do. Readable images of those would work.


Also, the switch you’re using is probably adequate to the task, but maybe not.
Anyway – because of that, I need to ask a few more questions:

At what pressure has it been cutting out? In? Max working pressure of the vessel (tank)? Is there a writing somewhere giving those intended pressures?

There should be a tag on the motor – is it 120/240V or 230 or 240V ? FLA? HP rating?

Have or can you check the voltage at the pressure switch with the motor running?

Have you ever checked the pulley alignment and tension?

I know that sounds like a lot, but we want to try to figure out the root cause, you understand…