5W 50 OR 0W40 i ridgid mini wheelbarrow compressor


Talk about being in the right place at the right time well for once I was. Today I returned for the third time a portable kobalt compressor with the same stripped regulator handle. 3 times was enough so I got my money back at Lowes, why did I wait well my wifes delivery manager band that means 10% off. So I was through with Lowes don't like the porta cable pancakes so after careful RESEARCH (LOL) I had decided on a ridgid tristack at $249, went to the home depot found this compressor and some braniac had labeled it with like $149, I knew this was wrong and so did my 9 year old daughter so I asked a sales assoc. oh no sir that’s correct and my daughter kept saying no that’s wrong its $249.

it was kind of funny but I try to teach my munchkin to be honest so I asked for a manager who also said it appears to be right. Then I said okayyyyyyyyyyyy then I will take the 4 in the box's and the display model that got his attention so he did check and found out the 9 year old girl was smarter then the 30 something "expert"

Anyway in passing he said you know I have another ridgid thats a little better then this and they took us in the back and showed me ridgid mini wheelbarrow he said I can give u a good deal BECAUSE apparently another rocket scientist had set up this brand new compressor display and opened 2 of these wheelbarrow types and then along with the bxs had thrown away the dip stick 5w50 oil.

Now I know I can get this crap from ridgid but I have 4 different framing jobs this coming week at different locations and I would like to have this new $150.(yes 150 is what they charged me) Available. The manual calls for 5w50 but I have 0w40. Is there a problem using the 0w40? Does anyone know exactly how much oil this compressor needs? I am sorry for the long drawn out book but I just wanted to share this funny with you

Bill says...

Hi Eric, and thanks for the good tale!

Is your compressor under warranty? If so, by using a non-prescribed compressor oil you will possibly void that warranty.

The 5w50 means that it has an SAE viscosity rating of 5 in cold temperatures and a SAE viscosity rating of 50 at warm.

Yes, the type of oil is important. A 0w40 oil will not lubricate the same way as the 5w50, and they would not have specified using the latter if it wasn't necessary.



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Aug 28, 2011
by: Anonymous

I have since spoken to the tech and the service rep at ridgid. First they are sending me the missing items no questions asked secound the tech told me 0w40 synthetic would be okay based on my location because it doesn't get below 40 enough to worry(wish it did, man its hot) I will change to the 50 but he did say forr those of you that live where they have winter that a thinner viscosity synth my be a solution if you have running problems below 40degrees(apparently this specific compressor pump has issues below 40 at startup. I will say this this compressor has a VERY FAST FILL TIME (I think) from dead empty to shut off in about 1 min 12 sec,(holds 7.2oz oil by the way> I ran 2framing nailers running 3.25" nails yesterday at the same time and could not get ahead of what it could put out)

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