5F213 Speedaire compressor needs a new 20 gallon tank

by Randy Aucoin
(Laval, quebec, canada)


I need to replace my 20 gallon tank on my 5F213 Speedaire compressor as it is rusted out.

Where can i purchase a new or used 20 gallon tank for my compressor other than grainger as there price is unreasonable.

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Nov 03, 2014
New compressor tank
by: Bill

If you simply use your browser and search for 30 gallon air compressor tank you will, as I just did, find a number of sources.


Nov 03, 2014
looking for a new tank
by: Randy Aucion

Hello Bill,
I agree with you, a used tank may be in as bad shape as mind...so a new one is the way to go.
To up-grade from 20 gallons to 30 gallons, is a great idea.
I have access to a machine shop, so modifications are no problem.
Since i do not know where to buy a tank, would you please send me the contact information of the company that would sell me a tank at a reasonable price.

Nov 03, 2014
Acquire a tank for compressor
by: Bill

I can't find an image of your 5F213 Speedaire compressor set up, so I don't know if you need specific mounting points or not.

There's no shortage of used compressors on the market, one of which may suit. Of course, as used compressor suggests tank deterioration too.

If you are handy you can probably jury rig a tank mounting for the pump and accessories, in which case, why limit yourself to a 20 gallon. Go crazy and get a 30 gallon for more air storage.


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