55146 is also an EMGLO product?

by Scott
(Atlanta, GA)

I just purchased one of these compressors from Home Depot (11/2017)

I just noticed in Google search that Sears sells this compressor with an EMGLO description with same 55146 model number.

The significance for me may be ( hopefully) that Sears usually does a superior job of listing parts schematics and parts replacement services much better than any other manufacturer.

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Nov 25, 2017
by: Doug in s.d.ca.


I'm not seeing it - maybe add the link?

And their support contributes to their insolvency, unfortunately.

Nov 25, 2017
EMGLO product?
by: Bill

It just confirms what I've been saying for years.

A fairly small number of compressor manufacturers (that's folks that actually build 'em, not just sell 'em like Sears does ) makes the same basic compressor for many different brands. Maybe a different color, maybe a slightly different shroud, but often the same compressor "under the hood".

Thanks for this info, Scott.

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