4708065 tank won't build pressure

by Lucky Hall
(Montague Ca.)

it's a 4708065 80 gal Dewalt it gets to 50 or 60 lbs. and dose not want to go higher even with no hose's attached and I can hear no leaks.

it's been used about 4 times.

also it says set regulator pressure and push knob in and my knob will not push in or pull out.

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Nov 02, 2018
4708065 pressure
by: Bill

A couple of things. If the compressor is running, and pressure in the tank only gets to a certain level below normal cut out, and the compressor keeps running, that often points to a valve, gasket or piston seal issue.

If you would kindly navigate to the troubleshooting page on this site located here:


and scroll down to and read the page(s) about compressors that run and don't build pressure, you'll find some things to check.

As to the regulator issue, does the regulator pressure setting change if you rotate the handle? Be aware that the setting likely won't go above the tank pressure, regardless of how many times you turn the handle.

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