47065 oil plug and air intake fan

by Bo
(oklahoma city oklahoma )

i came by one of these air compressor it had no oil plug and the air intake fan was stripped. So i installed a rigid fan blade Temporarily the air runs well but i cant seem to keep an oil plug in... I altered a freeze plug and tightened it down well and to my surprise it shot that plug about 40 feet so i just used two funnels to stop pressure build up on the plug,,, and i did manage to sand an oak floor... also the oil housing when pressurized has a pin hole and blows oil everywhere so eliminating the plug solved all.. very unorthodox but this air comp urged me to buy your ten gallon with the 2.5 motor and i am impressed I am in need of the oil housing gasket as well oil plug and intake fan

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Apr 18, 2015
by: Bill

Glad you were able to cobble up a fan.

The oil fill tube cap has to be vented to allow air migrating into the sump from the pump to escape.

It's supposed to vent a little air.

If you air compressor pressurizes the sump so much that the un-vented cap flies across the room, I would guess you've got some serious piston seal / cylinder wall issues.


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