47065 air compressor PUMP availability

by MARVIN McDonald
(United States)

I need the pump that sits on top of this item,do you know the number? It's number on schematic is 34b.

Hi Marvin...

According to the manual I'm looking at, part 34b is the motor for the air compressor.

Since the 47065 compressor is no longer available from Harbor Freight, and they don't appear to offer parts, and since no other parts suppliers do either, I suspect you're out of luck, unless you can find a used compressor somewhere.

I have seen this model for sale on line, used, for $100 or less, and that's likely less than the new pump would cost you, if you could find one.

I know this was a 4 HP compressor. I can tell you that it might have said it was a 4 HP motor, but given that it was powered by a 120 VAC motor, I doubt very much if actually ever was able to generate the flow that a 4 HP air compressor could.

Depending on what you need your air compressor for, and considering that they are now ridiculously cheap to buy, it might be easiest to keep parts of the existing air compressor for spares, and acquire a new one.

I see you can get a brand new 2.5 HP compressor on sale right now for $180. Maybe that's the way to go?

Good luck.


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