40400 check valve shattered?

by Derek
(San Pedro, Ca.)

Check Valve for Model 40400 - had a crack in it. When I went to remove it, it shattered into a half dozen pieces of Chinese pot metal (its not brass)..

Is there anywhere I can get a replacement? Called HTF tech who says it is "discontinued"...

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Jan 05, 2019
HF Replacement
by: Al

The same thing happened with mine a couple of years ago. When I called HF parts Dept ( 888-866-5797 ext 0) the tech also told me that the part was discontinued.

However, after pressing him about it, he said that a replacement part for another model would fit and work okay.

I think I paid about $7 for it and it is far superior to the original junk.

It certainly works great but now I need to replace the transfer line elbow at the cylinder head so I'll be calling them on Monday. Incidentally, they are only open Mon -Fri, 6.00 to 2.30pm PT.

I hope this helps,


Dec 08, 2018
40400 shattered check valve
by: Bill

Derek, one thought is to find out where the big box stores get their compressors repaired under warranty, and follow up with those folks.

You do not need to replace the tank check valve with exactly the same model, as long as the one you use emulates the function... keeps the air in the tank, and has a port for the line to the pressure switch, and that you can install, of course.

You can actually cobble up a new one from parts that are typically stock at a decent plumbing outlet.

It won't look the same as the original, but you can make it work the same way.

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