3Z406 Broken PSI regulator adjustment

by lannyn nguyen
(Hayward CA 94544)

I Bought a vitage Speedair compressor model 3Z406, i try it out

Love it !

but up to only 50 PSI it turn off, i did try to open the adjustment and i broked it.

How can i buy another one to replace and also to have the manual to take care of maintenance for my baby?

Please help me out here.
Lannyn, typically, if a compressor shuts off at 50 PSI, and it is supposed to shut off at 100+ PSI, then it is the pressure switch that is at fault.

When your air compressor shuts off at 50 PSI, use a multi-meter to check and see if power is still flowing from the switch to the motor. If it is, then I would bet you need a new pressure switch.

As to the manual, this compressor is old enough that Grainger does not support it any more. I do not have access to a manual, and ask if anyone does, please let us know so I can add it to the manual library on this site.

As for the regulator, any general purpose regulator from any air compressor will do, as long as it has the same pressure range as yours and you can install it.



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