#2537? Need help identifying this old 4hp air compressor.

by Shelley

old 4hp air compressor

old 4hp air compressor

old 4hp air compressor
older 4hp air compressor
old 4hp air compressor pump
old 4hp air compressor sheave view

This compressor belongs to my elderly uncle. He can tell you when and where he got it and how much he paid for it. Other than that, he knows very little about it. He says it's a 4hp unit.

The only identifying marks on it are the numbers 2537.

It doesn't appear to be missing a manufacturers tag or plate that would show the make and model.

It's lightweight, small in size and easily portable.

It has a small riveted tank which may or may not be original to the unit.

We would appreciate any help identifying this unit. Make, model, when it was manufactured and what was its original or primary use? Thanks for any input or advise.

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