215914 does not work

by Lynne Miller
(Willshire, OH, USA)

no digital readout; does not power up

Model No. 215914 (VLK1382209) 200-2451 Rev. A
Serial No. D19310877
1.3HP Motor; 115V/15A/60Hz (single phase); 22 gallon tank

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Nov 30, 2017
Digital lights up, compressor doesn't
by: Bill

I've been looking and not seeing any more air compressors being sold with "digital" controls. I suspect that the experiment was a miserable failure, and you are one of thousands of people that bought what they thought was a better compressor and turned out to be problematic.

Power is getting to your control card, so the "digital" lights up, but I suspect the card is fried, so power isn't getting to the motor.

Yup, I stand behind my recommendation that folks that have an otherwise reasonable compressor, edit out the digital entirely and modify the compressor to run with a manual regulator and a standard pressure switch, a joint system that has worked on hundreds of thousands of air compressors for decades.

Nov 30, 2017
Digital display
by: Duane

Do not find any resolve why digital lights up but compressor will not power up.
Troubleshooting guide that I did see suggest eliminating the digital board and adding in regulator and on off switch.
Seriously thats the best that can be done. Compressed was never used much and didn't last long. So much for the digital age.

Sep 27, 2016
Kobalt 215914
by: Bill

The troubleshooting pages on this site provide a basic check list of things to look at when an air compressor doesn't start.

Please have a look at them and check the items you can.

If your digital readout isn't working, that's likely either a power supply problem to the compressor, or the board may have failed.

First, do the check list found in troubleshooting, the pages about air compressors that won't start. Add a comment here with your finding if you wish.

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