2006 JunAir 6-15 oil carry over

Hello, I have many years this compressor, I bought it new,its permanent connected to engraving device called Gravermax, which require a clean environment without oil.

In recent years, I find myself fighting oil passes all the time, I put two oil filters on the compressor and two filters before etching the engraving unit ,the quantities of oil coming out is very large, even the pipes become to be brown...

the question is considering an old compressor, should to be
bother to do more repairs or overhaul care, or to buy a new one?.
Thanks, Ruth
The filter I put is with water separator, one for oil and one for water.

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May 08, 2015
JunAir 6-15 oil carry over
by: Bill

Off hand I'd say that your piston seals are worn to the point where lots of oil from the sump is blowing by into the air stream and into the tank.

I suspect your Jun Air has been well used and it's time for a pump rebuild.

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