2004 Puma will not buld up air past 50 psi

by glenn hansen
(fulton mo.)

Cummins Puma model pp6060v

Cummins Puma model pp6060v

2004 puma motor Midwest products inc cummins industrial tools model pp6060v

I took air filter off on right sideit sucks in air and is cool to touch

on left side took air filter off it was vary hot and air is pushing out vary fast .

it does not get pass 50 psi can .and do I need parts and where.thank you glenn.
Glenn, if air is rushing out the intake port, then the intake valve on that cylinder has failed.

Cummins Tools is a tool distributor. Nevertheless, the hunt for parts for your Puma air compressor starts with them, unless another visitor can post more info for you.

Here is the contact info I was able to locate:

650 N Lincoln St
Spring Hill, KS 66083-8356 phone: Telephone Orders: 1 (877) 528-6646
Customer Service: 1 (913) 592-4750



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