2002 type 5

by Brian

Porter Cable 2002 type 5

Porter Cable 2002 type 5

The airline to the tank is overheating and melting/blowing the airline.

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Jul 29, 2018
2002 type 5 over heating
by: Bill

What melts the air feed from the pump to the tank? It's heat.

If the compressor is over worked OR if the compressor has a limited and insufficient power supply, higher than normal pump heat results and the air flowing through the tube overheats.

No argument that the tube itself is suspect in it's heat resistance capacity, but before blaming the tube solely, make sure that the compressor is running properly.

If the tube fails on the first fill, either the power supply is insufficient, the tank drain valve is open, the pump valves or seals are failing, and if a new compressor, take it back for another.

Jul 27, 2018
2002 type 5 over heating ?
by: Anonymous

Mine does it before the tank fills the first time. So no its not over worked.

Jan 22, 2017
2002 type 5 over heating
by: Bill

The first question that comes to mind is are you aware of the duty cycle for this compressor, and that it has to, periodically, stop running to cool down?

The manual says "DUTY CYCLE
This air compressor pump is capable of running continuously. However, to prolong the life of
your air compressor, it is recommended that a 50%-75% average duty cycle be maintained;
that is, the air compressor pump should not run more than 30-45 minutes in any given hour."

In my opinion, that's essentially doublespeak for, if you run your air compressor continuously, it will burn up.

If it is not a duty cycle issue, please add info here as a comment.

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