2 gallon air hose from motor to tank failing

by mike

my 2 gallon air compressor little air hose keeps coming off nipple on air motor, the mesh is coming off hose ,now after I hose clamped it down ,hose is expanding in size

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Nov 05, 2018
What Bill said,
by: Doug in s.d.ca.

and you might be able to find a replacement hose at a big-box or automotive store - take it with you.

I doubt you can get the OEM part, and from the sound of it, you don't want that, anyway.

Good luck.

Nov 05, 2018
Mastercraft line
by: Bill

I suspect you mean that the hose from the pump to the tank is failing, Mike? There is no line from the electric motor to the tank that I know of.

In your shoes I would pick up a length of soft copper tubing from the hardware store, along with a couple of compressor pressure fittings for the new line that also fit the threads on the ports for the air line on the compressor and just replace the line.

In my opinion the Mastercraft compressor line is pretty much the cheapest that can be made, targeting the price conscious market, and you wouldn't expect top quality components on one of the cheapest lines of air compressors around.

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