1999 Sullair 185 stops after 30-45 minutes of blasting

by Shelton Hallmark
(Central, Texas, USA)

I have a 1999 Sullair 185 with a john Deere diesel I bought used. The clock has less than 1500 hours. I've changed all the fuel filters, oil filter, engine oil (Rotella), and compressor oil (straight 10w). It starts and runs good, good clean steady pressure.

My problem is it shuts of after 30-45 minutes of blasting. I try to start it and it will turn over but not run. I am assuming that it is getting hot and throwing a switch. It did not come with a temperature gauge. It has plenty of water with antifreeze.

Is this a common problem?

What are the probable causes?

Is it an easy fix?

Things that come to my mind are:

Could it be the 10w oil in the compressor making it hot?

It could be a thermostat. Is that an easy fix?

It could be the radiator or maybe the oil cooler?

I have the panel in-front of the radiator/cooler off and the side panel doors open when I run it. Could that have a bearing on how it cools?

I don't know anything about diesels so any guidance would be appreciated before I have to spend a arm and a leg at the John Deere dealer. That's if they will even work on a Sullair.

Thank you.

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Jun 10, 2017
185 sullair stopping
by: Shawn Swogger

Was wondering if you figured out what the problem with your compressor was? My just did the same thing.

Mar 17, 2017
Sullair 185 stops
by: Doug in s.d.ca.

There are temp sensors on the screw and the engine.

Do you have the SSAM?

The shutdown codes are:
• One flash: high compressor discharge temperature
• Two flashes: high engine coolant temperature
• Three flashes: low engine oil pressure
• Four flashes: low engine speed
• Five flashes: low fuel level (optional)

So even a false reading could make it stop, although it sounds likely to be a real temperature issue.

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