1992 model belaire has oil coming out of pressure relief valve

by Brian Cunningham
(Kings Mountain NC 28086 USA)

i use my compressor to make snow. i just bought a gas powered air compressor and used it for the first time last night. everything was fine and i left it to do its job. i went back out to find my compressor not running. the cold weather may have caused the orifice to freeze closed. there is oil on the air tank and on the pull cord for the engine. the engine will start but it will not run without it partially choked. the pump will build pressure but im concerned that i may have ruined the seals in the pump since i have oil being blown out of the pressure relief valve. i havent checked oil level in the pump yet due to it being dark but i saw nothing in the sight window with a flashlight. PLEASE HELP!

Brian Cunningham

P.S. the compressor is a 1992 model belaire with a 9hp vanguard and 30 gal. tank. its a 18.5acfm pump or at least it use to be.

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