1969 Kargard spewing oil

by Brian Shea
(Peabody Ma. U S A)

1969 Kargard compressor

1969 Kargard compressor

1969 Kargard compressor
1969 Kargard tow behind compressor
1969 Kargard compressor

I have a 1969 Kargard tow behind compressor gasoline 4 cylinder Continental Engine.

The engine runs well , but my major problem is that there is compressor oil spewing out of the intake air port on the compressor. I have no idea where to add oil or change the oil or the oil level , there is no sight glass .


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Sep 17, 2018
Kargard additional comments
by: Brian

Thank you Doug for the input .
I will take a couple more photographs to see if what you are talking about exists on my machine .
I am still lost regarding the oil level and where to check it , maybe with the additional photos you can figure it out .
Does the unit look like a rotary compressor to you or a vane compressor ?
Thanks again for any input !

Sep 16, 2018
Spewing oil and how to check oil level ?
by: Brian

I very much appreciate you taking the time to comment. So I took a look at what I believe to be the unloader valve on the intake and it does move when I fire up the motor, but I still have lot of oil spewing out of the pipe that sits below the air cleaner intake .
This is a nice machine if I can resolve my oil situation.
When the machine did run , I connected the jack hammer and also had a tone of oil coming out of the hammer !
And we both know what happens when you run anything without oil .
Anyone else have any ideas ?
Thank you in advance for any reply!

Sep 15, 2018
Kargard oil
by: Doug in s.d.ca.

I'm guessing a bit, but looks like it's either a screw or vane pump. So, there probably a vessel somewhere after the pump, which serves as the separator - getting oil out of the air. That's usually where the oil goes in as well as the level gauge. If that is there, it doesn't appear in your pix.

As to the oil coming out the intake, that's your load (intake) valve not closing when the pump tries to unload when the pressure gets to the unload setpoint. It's usually two parts - one to stop air getting in, and another one to stop the oil getting out.

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