1957 IR GRB 125 GYRO FLO Pressure or overheat valve activated

by Andy Lively
(greentield MA, USA)

I recently purchased a 1957 IR GRB 125 GYRO FLO. It had been working fine but the last time I used it the engine sounded like it was working really hard.

A short time later the engine quit and all the air bled out of a valve attached to the bypass valve (it was definitely not the blow down).

I have not found anyone who can advise me as to exactly what I should do.

I have drained all the compressor oil, checked the filter, and drained .the oil cooler radiator, in preparation to put in new oil.

I did find significant sludge on the oil cooler drain plug. I want to flush the cooler but not sure how that is done.

Any advise?

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