1.5 hp older sears compressor builds pressure to about 15lbs then motors struggles and wants to stall

by Richard B.
(pacific, wa)

I turn on the compressor and it does fine until it hits about 15lbs of pressure then the motor slows down and wants to stall. I have cleaned the electric motor and also the pump. But the issue still exists. Any ideas?

Richard, if no change in the external power supply, that is that you haven't moved the compressor and are now using an extension cord or power bar (never do this), and assuming that the condition you describe is new, the first check is the intake filter.

Is it clean? To check, run the compressor without it for a few minutes to see if the pressure goes higher.

I always try to eliminate the easy first.

With the tank empty and the power off, remove and clean the tank check valve. Re-install.

Now, assuming this doesn't solve the problem, then you will want to check the run capacitor on your compressor next. See the page on this site about how to do that.



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