1/4 Die grinder air consumption, compressor can't keep it running.

by Ryley
(Canada, BC.)

The die grinder is a Mastercraft branded unit, 3CFM @ 90PSI. I have a eagle gas air compressor 5.5hp model TT55G, 12CFM @ 100PSI. However it has a small tank 10 gal. I just picked it up used, so I am not sure if still within spec, maybe the compressor needs a overhaul.

Number wise it should run for at least 5 mins, Or do i have it wrong?

It does work and run but only for a min or two.(recovery is very quick) Perhaps I am expecting too much and need a pig tank.

Tomorrow I am going to run the rest of my air tools, and see what the performance is like.

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Sep 08, 2017
by: Ryley

I had some time to play with it, no change. I started to look into the die grinder specs, the cheap one only list 3 CFM. However the more expensive units list 3-4CFM but needs 18CFM for better performance.

So it's more the fault of the manufactures in misleading information. I should have got a 18CFM unit. Good to know, that not all manufactures honest about how much CFM a tool needs.

My Impacts, ratchets, air hammer, works perfect on the compressor.

Thank you, for all your help and the tips on solving the problem. I will have to read up more on compressors and tools. Don't take any numbers at face value.

Sep 08, 2017
Die grinder air consumption
by: Bill

Ryley, your die grinder consumption falls well within the capabilities of the compressor pump, so the tank might not be the issue.

What I suspect is that you have a flow obstruction, that's not letting air into the line to the die grinder as fast as needed.

Consider this. Can you Tee off before the regulator, or remove it, and reattached the coupler, and then plug in the air line.

That will allow full flow, unobstructed flow, from the tank to the tool.

Please let me know what you find.

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