106.154580 pressure controller and shut off

by Gary
(Orange, CA)

I have an old 106 154 580. The regulator part number 91 is shot.

Trying to find another but cannot find one.

In order to keep using the compressor running I purchased a cheap regulator from Harbor freight.

But now the compressor keeps running. The pop off valve goes to about 100psi than releases dropping the pressure to about 60psi.

Can I install another regulator or do you know another work around.


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Feb 26, 2017
by: gary

Can I attach pictures to your site?

If so how


(Start a new thread in the same forum. Add up to four photos there. Cross reference to this post ( 106.154580 pressure controller and shut off ) in the comment, and the photos will be moved for you.)

Feb 26, 2017
106.154580 pressure controller
by: Doug in s.d.ca.

Hard to tell exactly what you have done.

If you bought a 68223 from HFT, and put it where 65 is, what did you do with the wires? You would have replaced the pressure switch with a regulator.

If your problem really is the regulator part 91, that is, as Bill said, a part of the part that controls the pressure to the outlet fitting, what ever you have.

If you replaced the regulator with some additional plumbing and the 68223 (or similar) then it would not have affected the turn off, and just worked.

HFT does not sell pressure switches, by the way.

Maybe you could put up some pix of the area in question and we can figure out where to go from here.

Might not hurt to look at the pages here about regulators and pressure switches (again, if you already have.)

Feb 25, 2017
Regulator for 106.154580
by: Bill

I see nothing on the schematic that would suggest that this is other than a regulator with two gauges, the upstream of which shows the tank pressure, and the other the line pressure to the discharge coupler and the air tool.

To my mind, this regulator has absolutely nothing to do with the air compressor turning on and off.

Item A65 controls the On/Off and is plumbed into the base of the manifold and senses the pressure in the tank. If your air compressor is not cycling properly as you suggest, I would think that this is the item at fault.

Feb 25, 2017
part listing
by: gary


Think 91 controls the air pressure to the cut off switch.

Hope you can open it.


Feb 25, 2017
shut off
by: gary

The manual is on line and shows 91.

But the regulator incorporates both the adjustment for pressure and the parts that (I think) sends air pressure to the shut off switch.
The part 91 must control it????????

By the way I bought the compressor new in the 60's
Hard to give it up


Feb 25, 2017
The regulator part
by: Bill

I'm not sure that I am thinking about the same parts you are, Gary.

By "The regulator part" are you referring to the pressure regulator that lowers the pressure to the air tools, or are you referring to the pressure switch that turns the compressor on and off. I'm sorry, but "part 91" means nothing to me.

When you say "But now the compressor keeps running" if it is building pressure to the pressure level where the PRV lets go, then that suggests it is the pressure switch that has failed.

Please clarify, if you would.

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