106.153780 ground wire hookup

by Mike
(Corona, CA)

sears air compressor No. 106.153780 wiring 220v to pressure switch from recepticle

my compressor had the 220 v power cord disconnected at the pressure switch and doesn't seem to have a place for the ground wire? where do i hook it up or do i? thanks, Mike

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Nov 10, 2017
by: Doug in s.d.ca.

Not knowing if the parts are original or who's been working on it, I can only say this -

Usually, there's a couple of screws in the metal base of the switch, sort of lined up with hot wire connections. Those are for ground wires.

You might have a couple to threaded holes with no screws, though...

Is there a ground wire coming from the motor cable? If that goes to a screw, you can connect the power cable ground there.

But yes, the ground definitely should be connected.

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