106.153340 pressure switch gone bad?

by Jim

I have an old Sears compressor. Model 106.153340. The pressure switch. Has gone bad (leaks). In need of a new one if that is possible. Probably not. Would be happy to know of a suitable replacement part.

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Apr 28, 2016
missing ? a plate on top of the head on my 106.153340
by: James Allen Troost

it seems a part is now missing on mine and i was wondering if they still make parts or if there is a comparable part i can substitute ?
do you know what year the 106.153340 is ?
also looking for the parts catalog on the site to no success
...thank you
Jim .

Apr 16, 2015
Pressure switch
by: Jim

Thanks for the advice. I checked into the tank relief valve as you suggested. Found out that it was not working as it should. I also found the name of the company that produced the pressure switch. Aside from them being purchased by Siemens and then by Hubbell and then by Campbell Hausfeld it did lead me to a guy locally who actually knows about my exact model air compressor. He is going to give it a complete rehab. Thanks.

Apr 16, 2015
pressure switch?
by: Doug in s.d.ca

As Bill mentioned, it's more likely the check valve.

Sears wants a ridiculous price for it, but you can almost certainly find a sub for relative cheap.

If you aren't already familiar with NPT sizes, check that page first so you order the right size.

Apr 15, 2015
106.153340 leaking
by: Bill

Before you chase down a new pressure switch, see the page on this site about tank check valves and unloader valves and how they work together.

If your unloader valve is part of the pressure switch, and that's where the leak is coming from, odds are pretty good you've a problem with your tank check valve.

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Sears pressure switch 220 volt?

by Steve
(Juneau Alaska)

I purchased an old Sears Twin Cylinder compressor (type 106170641)from a pawn shop.

Belt driven with 2 copper air lines from the head. A thin one to the pressure switch and larger dia. one directly to the 20 gal tank at the check valve.

I plugged it in at the shop. Motor bogged at 20 lbs. took home and Removed pressure switch breaking it. I put a p.switch from a 110 volt smaller compressr. on it and same problem. I soon learned and now I know that this Sears compressors 2HP motor is 220 volt. BUT it had a standard 3 prong 110 volt plug!

I'm going to buy a pressure switch but can not figure out how many ports it needs for air.....and cannot find the old one other than its case.....

take photos...

1.My main question is with the smaller copper tube. it was connected to the pres switch and it must have released the head pressure thru the small tube when it kicked out at 100psi. Is that correct?

Is it likely that the pres switch from a 110 volt compressor will handle 220? for supervised testing purposes?

photos wont upload...

Thank you

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Sep 08, 2014
pressure switch and motor
by: Doug in s.d.ca

Type 106170641

Google 106.170641 and you'll find the exact replacement switch for about $50.

That CP1502MV1 motor is rated 230V continuous duty, which is good. Probably the original plus was changed by someone too cheap to buy the right socket...

Anyway, you can fix that or hard-wire it as you see fit.

Have fun.

Sep 08, 2014
Sears Twin Cylinder compressor
by: Bill

It is likely that the small line is leading to the unloader valve, that opens when the compressor has stopped, to bleed off air over the piston.

Many of the modern (and cheap) pressure switches are rated for 0 - 240 VAC as they are nothing more than points that open or close depending on the pressure in the tank. So they are good for 120 and 240 VAC. Having said that, to be sure, it must say in the switch somewhere (under the cover?) the voltage that the switch is rated for.

Sorry you couldn't upload photos. I don't know why. Many hundreds of images have been uploaded to this site with no problem. Did you get an error message of any kind? It is possible that the file sizes (each image is too large for the system to handle) but then, I would expect you would get an error message saying so.


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sears mod # 919 176201 regulator switch

I need a regulator switch or just the plastic housing. It seems sears no longer makes this part, is there any other regulator switch that can be used.

Bill says...

I would sure like to help, but I don't know what you mean by regulator switch?

You could be writing about the pressure switch or you could be writing about the regulator. They are two separate components.

I can tell you that both the pressure switch and the regulator can be replaced by off brand products.

Please click the link from the nav bar to pressure switch and regulators so that you can better understand them, and identify which of them you are asking about.

If you would like more info, please add your comment to this post.



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