106.152781 runs but only get to about 20 to 30 PSI.

by Virgil
(West Union, Ohio)

OK,this is my problem in a nut shell.

My dad's old air compressor had always worked and built up air and would shut off when it had reached the setting but after my dad died the air compressor was not used for two years where the pistons had apparently froze or rusted shut in the cylinder head.

I loosened the heads and then was able to spray some WD-40 into the cylinders and let it set for a few days to see if it will loosen them up enough for the motor to break them free and it did.

But when it did start up above the cylinder block where a foam filter was fitted in with a screen over it was then blown up and off and as the motor runs the pistons go up and down and every time they come up air shoots out of the holes where the foam filter would have been covering.

It does build up some pressure to about 30 PSI and then it will go down to 20 and stay there.

It does not matter what setting I put the regulator at either if it is all the way in or all the way out the air pressure stays the same at the 20 to 30 PSI and the motor never shuts off. It constantly keeps running even after two hours.

The drain cock is shut off and no leaks I an hear from anywhere. I am not a expert with air compressors and know nothing about them truthfully.

This air compressor is a old Craftsman 20 gallon air compressor model number 106.152781.

I have not had any luck in trying to find a owners manual for it. So I am not sure as to how to really set it up and run it properly.

I hope that by coming here I will come across some good help from others who know about this type of air compressor.

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May 30, 2017
So -
by: Doug in s.d.ca.

the May 28, 2017 post is not the one you deleted?

(Not deleted, just edited.)

May 29, 2017
Virgil2U - 106.152781
by: Bill - Site owner

1) Your original post indicated that you were looking for manuals and information. Within the capabilities of this website, that was provided, along with the useful information that parts for your model compressor pump were still available.

2) The previous poster (Doug in s.d.ca) says that part of your compressor pump problem is probably the valves. Did you not see that? That air is coming out of the intake valve port is a leak! I agree with his diagnosis.

3) There are dozens of compressor troubleshooting pages on this site, many of which address the specific issues about compressor pumps that you wrote about. It would appear that you have not taken the time to review them.

4) All of the contributors that offer their advice and knowledge on this site do so because they want to help. Criticizing their effort to help does nothing to further the intent of this site nor entice folks to keep contributing. The negative comment you posted has been removed.

5) If your skill level is as you indicate, and you have problems diagnosing your compressor pump issue with all of the FREE information found on this site, may I suggest kindly that you take your compressor pump to a shop and have them fix it for you.

May 28, 2017
No leaks
by: Virgil2U

I don't know what help buying parts will do if I don't know which parts to buy and also going to the page about leaks does not help when their are absolutely no leaks any where.

That is why I came here for help in the first place to find out what is the problem.

Mar 14, 2017
You're in luck
by: Doug in s.d.ca.

Parts are available.

Head over to


Your issue is mostly gaskets and or valves and or piston problems, probably in that order.
Good luck.

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