1027299 has intermittent shut down & turn on

by mark Z
(DodgeCity Kansas)

I got this Jobsmart for Christmas. Put the oil in it and is has sat in my shed until yesterday. Was just using it to blow off some grass. It kicked on to refill while I was using it and I noticed it shut off pretty quick. Looked at it and it was at about 20lbs. Nothing I would do would get it to turn on again. Ended up draining the air, still nothing. I unplugged it and went to complain to my better half. 20 minutes later I plugged in and it came on and filled. Then same thing all over again. Total time of use maybe 30 minutes. I can't take it back, no receipt. What am I doing Wrong??? not mechanically inclined to do a in-depth repair, but not completely inept. Mark

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Apr 17, 2016
1027299 jobsmart ( husky)
by: Doug in s.d.ca


Apparently, Zhejiang Hongyou Air Compressor Manufacturing Co.,Ltd makes these, as well as some Husky brand machines.

Some of the part numbers are the same.

That said, it sounds like probably a bad check valve or maybe pressure switch or motor.

Please do the trouble shooting steps (from your manual, if you prefer) and let us know what happens when it tries to refill.

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