10243H-526257 won't turn belt

by Bill
(Roseburg oregon)

Xer6409B 2Hp twin cyclinder 40 psi-90 psi 125psi max

having problems with the compressor

new motor new belt

compress will not turn belt slips can turn by hand is there a cross over twin cylinder or can i rebuild this one

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May 02, 2017
Possible frozen or stuck cylinders
by: Virgil2U

I had the same problem with my air compressor when I had tried to run it after about four years of not running and being in a unheated garage.

The moisture over the years had built up inside of the cylinders I had surmised so I had taken the heads off of the cylinders and sprayed liberally WD-40 into it and let it set for a couple of days and then started it up and it ran then.

Perhaps this might have happened to you as well so try spraying something that can eat the rust if it is rusted frozen.

I would also caution that if this still does not get the cylinders to run then my next move would be to completely tear down the cylinders as it is possible that a piston has gouged a place and is stuck and if you try to force the piston to move it could cause severe problems for both the piston and the cylinder wall.

May 02, 2017
won't turn belt
by: Doug in s.d.ca.

If the pump can be turned by hand but the belt slips, it's either the wrong belt or it's not adjusted properly.

Usually the motor is mounted such that it can be moved to adjust the tension. If you can move the belt more than maybe a half inch with finger pressure, it's too loose.

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