10 Best DA Sanders – Dual Action Orbital Sanders For Your Tool Shed

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When it comes to sanders, DA, or dual action, sanders are one of the best options.

These sanders are able to operate in 2 separate modes, so if you invest in one, you are essentially getting two sanders for the price of one. This is why they are one of the most popular types of sander on the market.

But, finding the best DA sander for the job can be tricky. In this guide, we’ll be taking a look at 10 of the best DA sanders that money can buy, along with some key information you should know about these devices. So, with no further ado, let’s jump right in.

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10 Best DA Sanders

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ZHONG AN 5” Dual Action Palm Sander

Our favorite DA sander on the market is the ZHONG AN 5-inch dual action palm sander. This sander is wonderful because it is designed to be highly durable, ensuring that it is a good investment for your money.

Additionally, it is designed to be versatile, allowing you to complete lots of different tasks on different types of material with this device.

If that wasn’t enough, it has a controlled speed for accuracy due to its built-in regulator which maintains a speed of 12000 RPM. With all this considered, it’s clear why we think this is the best.


  • Built-in Regulator – This sander has a built-in regulator that controls speed and ensures that the sander maintains a speed of 12000 RPM.
  • Versatile Applications – This sander can be used on furniture, metal products, and auto bodies for polishing, cutting, and sanding.
  • Highly Durable – Not only is this sander incredibly strong and powerful, but it is also insanely durable for years of use.


  • Oily Upon Delivery – This sander arrives with oil coating it, so you will have to give it a clean down before you use it on any projects.

Gedu Professional Dual Action Sander

Another brilliant choice is the Gedu professional dual action sander. Just like the last device that we looked at, this model is also designed to be long-lasting with durable components and a sturdy assembly.

It is also built so that the air-motor is comfortable within the device, ensuring that you can use this DA sander anywhere, on both walls and ceilings. But, undoubtedly, the best thing about this sander is how strong and sturdy it is.

For this reason, this device is great for the toughest of DIY tasks, so it is another great option to consider.


  • Long Lasting – This sander is built to last with a variety of durable components to ensure that you will be able to use it regularly for a long time.
  • Easy Assembly – The design of this sander means that the air-motor is easily assembled, making this device ideal for use anywhere in the home.
  • Strong – The components of this sander are designed to be strong and sturdy so that you can take on heavy-duty applications with this device.


  • Better Suited for Home Use – If you want this sander to last, then it is better suited to DIY tasks, rather than everyday production use.

Ingersoll Rand 311A 6-inch Dual Action Sander

You should also consider the Ingersoll Rand 311A 6-inch dual action sander. This is the first of two models in this list produced by this company, so it is clear to see that they are great.

This model is designed to produce minimal vibrations, allowing for precise and accurate use at all times. It also has a built-in regulator, like the devices we looked at earlier.

But, by far, the best thing about this sander is the fact it has balanced construction, so it will be stable and secure at all times. This is why you should definitely consider this as an option.


  • Minimal Vibrations – This sander is designed to vibrate as little as possible, allowing more precise use by the person using it.
  • Built-In Regulator – It has a built-in regulator that positively controls speeding, even further supporting accurate use.
  • Balanced Construction – This sander feels excellent in your hands because it is designed to be balanced, ensuring even use across all the material.


  • Instructions are Unclear – While this sander itself is easy to use, it doesn’t come with instructions, so it can be difficult to figure out at first.

Valianto Air 5” Dual Action Palm Sander

Alternatively, you should think about the Valianto air 5-inch dual action palm sander. This sander has a built-in regulator, like the other options that we have looked at.

Likewise, it is also designed to minimize vibrations as much as possible, so that you can get more control over this device.

But, the thing that makes this DA sander one of the best is that it is designed to fit effortlessly into the palm of our hand, so you need just one hand to operate it.


  • Controllable Speed – There is a regulator built-in to the sander to ensure that speed is always controlled whenever you use this sander.
  • Highly Efficient – The design of this sander makes it very easy to use, so much so, you can control it with just one hand.
  • Minimal Vibrations – The lightweight design of this sander minimizes the vibrations of it, allowing for more precise use.


  • Value for Money – It doesn’t feel as sturdy in hand as the more expensive options, but it is still an excellent sander that performs very well.

DEWALT DWMT70780 Dual Action Sander

If you would rather buy a device produced by one of the big names in tools, then this DEWALT DWMT70780 dual action sander could be the one for you.

It comes with a quick release feature to effortlessly change the sanding discs, and is also lightweight to hold.

But, the best thing about it is that it is comfortable with a cushion grip to protect both you and the device. So, if this is something that is important to you, this is one to consider.


  • Cushion Grip – The sander itself (and its internal components) are protected by a cushion grip, which simultaneously makes this sander more comfortable to use.
  • Quick Release – Changing sanding discs is easy with this sander, simple pull on the release bar, and the disc will come loose.
  • Lightweight Build – This sander weighs just half a pound, so it is insanely lightweight and effortless to use.


  • No Dust Shroud – This is a common feature on most modern DA sanders, but it is noticeably missing from this device.

StrongTools Dual Action Pneumatic Sander

Another option to consider is the StrongTools dual action pneumatic sander. This sander achieves high speeds of around 10000 RPM, and has a high precision axis for even more accuracy.

It is also great because it can be used on a variety of different materials to complete lots of different tasks.

But, this device is one of the best options because it is self-cleaning and will clear a lot of the dust as you sand. Therefore, making it both cleaner and safer.


  • Wide Use – This sander can be used for lots of different tasks, and can be used on wall, metal, glass fiber, wood, and lots more.
  • High Speed – The unloaded speed of 10000 RPM works with a high precision axis to ensure that this sander is both fast and accurate.
  • Self-Cleaning – This self-cleaning device will remove most of the dust from the air while you use it, making this sander both cleaner and healthier.


  • Heavy on Air – This sander performs very well, but it also uses a lot of air when in operation.

Ingersoll Rand 311G Edge Series Dual Action Sander

You should also consider the Ingersoll Rand 311g edge series dual action sander. This is very similar to the Ingersoll device that we looked at earlier, with one key difference.

It has a balanced design, and a built-in regulator like the other option. But, the thing that makes this DA sander different to the 311A model that we looked at earlier is that it has a front exhaust.

This makes this sander cleaner and safer to use, so it is definitely an option to consider.


  • Built-In Regulator – The speed of this sander is consistently maintained by the built-in regulator within it.
  • Balanced Design – The ball bearings of this design are created to balance the tool, ensuring smooth use at all times.
  • Front Exhaust – Any dirt or excess air will be blown out of the front of this sander, so it won’t be blown into your face at any point, making it safer to use.


  • Needs a Large Air Compressor – This sander uses a lot of air, so you will need a pretty heavy-duty air compressor if you want to use it.

DFESKAH 6” Dual Action Pneumatic Sander

Alternatively, the DFESKAH 6” dual action pneumatic sander is a great option. This sander has a large surface area, making it perfect for large jobs or big tasks.

Likewise, it is also designed to produce minimal vibration, giving you lots of control over this device.

But, the best thing about it is that it comes with a speed control switch that allows you to adjust the speed as you see fit. So, this is another great model to consider.


  • Control the Speed Yourself – Unlike the other sanders that we have looked at so far, this sander has a speed control switch, so you can adjust it to the speed that suits you.
  • Low Vibration – This sander produces minimal vibrations when in use, allowing maximum control over the sander.
  • Large Surface Area – It has the largest surface area of the sanders we have looked at, allowing you to get the job done quicker.


  • Inefficient Vacuum – This sander is supposed to clean-up as you use it, but the vacuum is ineffective, so it might be messier than you expect.

YELWAY 6” Dual Action Pneumatic Sander

Another great option is the YELWAY 6-inch dual action pneumatic sander. This sander is perfect for you if you lack experience with sanding because it is insanely user-friendly.

It has an on/off button and a knob to control speed, both of which are clearly displayed.

This model is compact, versatile, and lightweight. So, there really is no question that it is one of the best on the market.


  • Easy to Control – With a clear on/off button, and a governing knob to adjust the speed, this sander is incredibly user-friendly, no matter your level of experience.
  • Versatile – This sander can be used on stone, wood, metal, marble, rubber, iron, and lots more. It can also be used for sanding, grinding, grooving, and cutting.
  • Compact and Lightweight – This sander is designed to be compact and ergonomic, so that it is comfortable to use, making it the perfect choice for large projects.


  • You get what You Pay For – This isn’t an expensive sander, so you get what you pay for, you shouldn’t expect wonders.

Sunex SX203N 6-inch Quiet Dual Action Sander

Finally, you should think about buying the Sunex SX203N 6-inch quiet dual action sander.

This sander produces hardly any vibrations, and also has a built-in regulator to maintain speed. Both of these combined make it one of the more accurate options on this list.

But, the best thing about this specific DA sander is that it has a very low operating noise, and this is because the motor itself is insulated. So, there’s no doubt that this is one of the best options available.


  • Quiet Operation – This sander is designed with insulated housing around the motor to reduce the operating noise of it.
  • Built-in Regulator – There is a regulator built-in to this device to ensure that speed is monitored and controlled.
  • Very Minimal Vibration – The sander is built so that vibrations are kept to a minimum, allowing excellent control over this device.


  • Reduced Power – Of the sanders that we have looked at, this one has one of the worst performances in terms of power, but it is still great.

Buyer’s Guide

The DA sanders that we have looked at are some of the best models available. But, if you still aren’t sold, we’ve put together this quick and handy buyer’s guide to help. So, if you want to find out more before you buy, keep on reading.


One of the most important things to consider when buying a sander, which you might not have previously thought about, is comfort.

Sanding is not a quick and easy job, it is very time-consuming, and it will take you a long time to get most jobs done. This is why comfort is so important.

For the best comfort, you should consider buying a sander with an ergonomic design or with a handgrip, as this will make it more comfortable.


You should also consider the size of the sander that you are buying. The size of sander that you should buy will be directly impacted by the jobs that you are looking to get done.

Generally, you will be able to get DA sanders measuring any size from 2-inches all the way up to 6/7-inches. So, before you buy one, you should consider the task at hand, and how much work you need to complete.


Something else that will affect the right DA sander for you is the weight. Weight is something that will directly impact the comfort of the device, so it is very important to think about this.

Even if you are a strong person, your arms will still grow tired after holding the sander for a long period, so it is important to think about this.

Ideally, you should choose a lightweight sander. This style of device will give you more control over the sander, and will also be more comfortable to use. So, this is something else that you need to think about.


Finally, you need to consider the speed of the device. Most of the sanders that we have looked at in this guide only operate at one set speed, which is controlled by a built-in regulator.

But, there are some DA sanders which allow you to adjust the speed depending on the task that you are completing.

In most cases, a DA sander with one set speed will be perfectly okay for the job, but think about the task that you are completing before you buy anything.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a DA sander?

If you are new to the world of sanding, then you might be wondering what ‘DA’ stands for. ‘DA’ stands for ‘dual action’, so when we are speaking about ‘DA’ sanders, we are referring to dual action sanders.

These sanders are given this name because they can operate in 2 different modes, which you can easily switch between.

Can you use a DA sander on wood?

Yes, you absolutely can use a DA sander on wood. Both DA and random orbital sanders are appropriate for use when stripping paint, rounding edges, and lots more on a variety of different meals. Wood is just one of the materials that you can use a DA sander on.

What is the difference between a DA sander and an orbital sander?

You might be wondering what the difference between an orbital and DA sander is. Well, there actually isn’t one.

These sanders are the same as one another, orbital sanding is just one of the two modes which a DA sander can operate in. So, there are no differences, these devices are the same.

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