1 and 2 stage air compressor

by Kenny Porter
(Ft Worth Tx)

I’ve found 2 air compressors at almost the same price.

One is a 2 stage and the other is a 1 stage.

My dilemma is I’ve heard 2 stages are better, however, the single stage is producing a higher CFM at 40psi and the and a max CFM of 13.4 to where the 2 stage only produces a max of 11.2 CFM.

Also, if I’m not mistaken, the HLVP spray gun I want needs 13 CFM to operate(not 100% on that though). It’s the Devilbiss 670 gun from Amazon.

From my understanding 2 stage compressors are better and if that’s the case I’d rather have that, but if it cant keep up with a 13cfm gun, then I’m wondering if I should just go with the single stage?

2 stage-Kolbalt 60 gallon Max 175 PSI model 905220

Single stage Husky 60 gallon Max 155 PSI model C602H

Thanks for your help and advice


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